I have been a portrait artist in some form all my life, starting with drawing, painting, then 3D modelling before finally finding my passion in photography over ten years ago. With a background in fashion, which has been my main focus for most of my photographic career, I have always had bookings for portraits and headshots from various creatives, dancers, actors and performers. People and portraiture has always been at the core of my photography so while not closing the door on fashion entirely I am following my heart and passion for portraiture where the focus is on the person rather than what they are wearing. 
I am very much of the opinion that headshots shouldn't be boring, I have in the past been asked for what I'd almost consider a slight step up from a passport photo for Spotlight, which always seemed a missed opportunity to me. A headshot is your first impression, it should draw people in and should really be so much more than just a generic shot of your head on a white backdrop.
My editorial portraits have a fashion feel to them whilst maintaining the focus on the person, the clothes are just a way to set the mood. Be it headshots or portraits my style is very natural and real with minimal retouching so that the photograph is a true representation of the person. Lighting correctly is the key to my minimalist approach often emulating natural light in the studio, something I have spent many years perfecting for that natural feel but without the reliance on the British weather.
"There can be no beauty without truth"
Peter Lindbergh
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